Water filtration system and Water treatment system

Water treatment system, water filtration system is being concerned by a lot of business units in producing purified water on all over Asia.

So what is the demand for using pure drinking water on the market like actually? What kinds of water purification process does Viet An has? and How much is a water filter system? Please come with us to get the answer from these questions – through article below .

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The need to use bottled purified water

VA Water treatment system and reverse osmosis system are best in Asia

The need to use bottled purified water from water filter system, water purification system
Today on the market of refreshments, there are countless carbonated drinks that do not meet standard quality, and affect badly to human health. According to many Viet Nam hospitals, more and more people are overweight due to using water with preservatives, many people get cancer by using flavored water… Consumers, who want to protect their health, will choose all kinds of pure drinking water, drinking water without preservatives, which is produced from water treatment system, water filtration system to protect their health. Thus, it can be said that demand for pure drinking water of the people are so high. The more demand for pure water, the larger opportunity for investors to focus on developing business with  water purification system at home and abroad.

Introduction about water treatment system, water filtration system VA

Water treatment system, water filter system brand Vinaro is one of products, which has assembled in Viet An’s factory under the modest technology of United States. Manufacturing processes has meet ISO 9001-2015, the most excellent and strictly international standards. Depend on application of superior water filtration technology  – VA water purification system helps reduce toxins in water. Water after refinning will acquires food safety 6-1-2010/MOH of Viet Nam health ministry about bottled water, which contribute a great protection to human health. In last year, Viet An has gained title ” Vietnam leading brands in 2015” from The Consumer News.

Photos Of Ceremony Announces Leading Brands Vietnam 2015

Photos Of Ceremony Announces Leading Brands Vietnam 2015

Water treatment system – water filtration system, which are safe and quiet in operation, with the full capacity of large and small from 300l/h to 90.000l/h – it have been used by lots of factories producing bottled water.

Production line of purified water

Water treatment system, water filter system

The advantage of water filtration system, water treatment system

Table of water treatment system, water filtration system price

For ease of reference, Viet An application for listing the following 4 series of water filter system are:

Here are the price list of water treatment system, water filtration system (in VND):

OrdinalCapacity/hourPrice in VNDTechnical specifications
1Water treatment process 300 liters36,900,000Details
2Water treatment process 450 liters48,900,000Details
3Water filtration system 750 liters 98,900,999Details
4Water filtration system 1000 liters108,900,000Details
5Reverse osmosis system 1200 liters143,900,000Details
6Reverse osmosis system 1500 liters172,900,000Details
7Water treatment system1800 liters188,900,000Details
8Water treatment system 2000 liters235,000,000Details

Price of above water purification system will change depend on units you choose to install. Each capacity of line is suitable for different users. For advice, on choosing appropriate capacity, fastest and early quote, please call: 0942 41 41 41

Detailed description of a water filtration system, water treatment system

+ Production process: According to the International Standard ISO 9001-2015

+ Standard base: Announced according to basic standards: CBTC 01 / VA / 2015 include:

1. Pushing pump system VA, booster pump systems.
2. Air disinfection systems (shell filter, filter core).
3. Heavy metal filter system (shell filter, filter core).
4. Filter System decontamination, color, odor (shell filter, filter core).
5. System of limestone removal and water softener (shell filter, filter core).
6. Water System RO membrane (membrane shell, RO membranes, flowmeters, pressure meter, high pressure valves, electrical control cabinets).
7. VA flow measurement equipment, guessing water capacity and automatic power (meter).
8. Framework and other accessories from water filter system.

Some customers’units have used products of Viet An company

With nearly 10 years experience in producing water purification system and over 8 years of privatization. Viet An has provided to the market in the country is about 3000 sets of water treatment system, water filtration system,  and nearly 30 sets installed abroad, including more than 10 sets in Laos, as well as 15 sets in countries of Southeast Asia.

Herre, we would like to give some typical customers have used products (such as UV water filter system) of Viet An:

Joint Stock Company Vietnam Dairy (Vinamilk), No. 10 Tan Trao Street, Tan Phu Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City: As a leader in the dairy business activities across the country, in 2013 was used water filtration line with capacity of 10,000 l/h.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Nhu Hang (Director – COMPANY LIMITED DAIRY COWS VIETNAM): “Our company is comfortable with the brand’s line of water filtration Viet An. Up to now, the system is still operating and working well. Warranty Policy and maintenance are quick and suitable “.

Limited company SHINHANVINA in Sai Dong, Long Bien District, Hanoi (of JSC Shinhan Jewel Tech activity leading Korean manufacturing in the field of fashion jewelry for famous brands throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia … and is gradually created an jewelry industry with the professional in manufacturing and exporting in the places around the world) in 2014 has used capacity of water treatment system, water filtration system 3000l h.

Garment Limited company VJONE in Hong Chau, Dong Hung, Thai Binh is a company (specialized in investment, trading, import, export, production and processing of steel and specialized in services, real estate, construction design, construction of industrial and civil works) in 2013 has used water filtration systems and water purification system 3m3/h.

Corporation Joint Stock trade construction 201 Minh Khai Street, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi (under the Ministry of Construction) use bottled water purification technology, bottled capacity of 3000l / h.


Viet An General Trade Joint Stock Company is one of the leading units in importing and manufacturing water treatment system, water filter system, water purification process, best reverse osmosis system, water purification system. Every year, Viet An sold thousands sets of purified water production lines Vinaro and UV water filter system
on the market. In recent years, Viet An has been constantly improved in order to serve more customers and best benefits to customers. Viet An commits that products of our purified bottled water production lines, are the best on the market.

Customers using lines materials stainless steel columns will be have 2-year warranty and 13 years maintenance. Columns lines of composite materials will be have 1 year warranty and 4 years maintenance.

Please contact VA when you want to own water treatment system, water filtration system of the best industrial purified water.

water filtration system

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If you have any questions or needs to get advice on VA water filter system, as well as wanting to know how much each specific capacity of USApec water treatment system – water filtration system, please contact the nearest branch of Viet An Or call 09 49 43 43 43 (HOTLINE).

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Water filtration system and Water treatment process are from 300 liters to 90,000 liters
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